2015 has been a great year for the brazilian gaming market.

Many announcements made by the biggest companies of the world, in addition to the latest market data, has proven the potential of the country, which is considered one of the main gaming markets of the world.

See the main announcements and data that has been motivating more companies to invest in Brazil.

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Playstation 4 production in Brazil

During the last conference for Latin America, Sony announced many news to the region, with focus on Brazil. The Playstation 4 production in the country was undoubtely the highlight of the presentation and main announcement of the company. Brazil is now the second country to produce the console in the world.

Also in the conference, Yoshinori Ono, executive producer of the game Street Fighter V, announced the brazilian qualifier for Capcom Pro Tour, which will happen inside Brasil Game Show, in Octorber, and the champion will be qualified for the world finals of the tournament.

Click here to watch the full conference or watch below.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox division of Microsoft, talks about the importance of Brazil and Latin America

Microsoft, which also has the production of the Xbox One in the country also strengthened the importance of the brazilian market and the support from the brazilian community in many videos produced by the company. Highlight for the statements of Phil Spencer, that point out the growth of the Brasil Game Show, that become one of the main Events of the world in the segment, and thanks the participation and support of brazilian gamers.

In addition, Microsoft announced many news, like the presence of Fabrício Werdum, UFC champion, on the game Halo 5: Guardians and the Fittipaldi Racing Challenge, which in partnership with the game Forza Motorsport 6 will give the opportunity to the best drivers to join the Fittipaldi Driver Academy.

Microsoft also talked about ID@Xbox, program for indie developers, especially about the game Aritana e a Pena da Harpia, from Duaik, company that participated from the last two editions of Brasil Game Show and is already confirmed for the Brasil Game Show 2015.

Click here to watch the full video with the news from Microsoft or watch below.

Click here to watch the Inside Xbox episode with the message from Phil Spencer to Latin America.

Other data and informations from the gaming market of Brazil:

• Revenue of Digital Game in Brazil in 2014: USD1,5bi (Source: SuperData Research);

• Increase of 32,6% in revenue from console sales in the first semester (Source: GFK);

• Brazil is the fourth largest gaming market of the world;

• Brazil is the largest market of Latina America (Source: SuperData Research)

• Brasil Game Show expects a 20% growth in 2015


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